Restaurant Review: DeSano Pizza Bakery

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately! I just started summer school and more hours have been added to my weekly work schedule so I’ve been pretty occupied lately. I’ll soon be returning to school in DTLA, so a few weeks ago I needed to stop by campus. I currently live in San Bernardino and I truly hate driving out to Los Angeles by myself. It’s all that damn traffic! So what do I do to alleviate some of the stress from traffic? Bring a pal to use as carpool! So I call my brother Randy and we make plans to eat out in LA to make a day out of it. He works for my oldest brother Alex, who owns a construction company, so he really wanted to try one of the restaurants they worked on last year because he really liked the concept. He told me it was an Italian pizzeria called DeSano that consisted of a very simple layout, a very straightforward menu and an open kitchen. I am always up for a good pizza and the restaurant had pretty good reviews on Yelp, so I decided to give it a gander.

Desano pizza10

DeSano is located in East Hollywood, and although the area isn’t the greatest they have a very big lot of  (get this) FREE parking! One of the things that really annoys me about the Los Angeles area is having to pay for parking in the tiniest lots, so this is a huge plus in my book.

Desano pizza5

Their menu is very basic and to the point, which I like: pizzas, calzones, salads, gelatos, biscottis and cannolis. We ordered the Bianca pizza, which consists of buffalo mozzarella, slabs of creamy ricotta, pecorino romano, basil leaves and garlic. We also got two glass bottles of Coke (note: all beverages sold here are in glass bottles), although what we really wanted was a beer but the cashier reassured us that they were getting their liquor license processed soon (something I’ll definitely be looking forward to). The dining area is filled with wooden tables and benches, and the table arrangement is as comfortably simple as it gets with plastic eating utensils in plastic cups and a roll of paper towels in place of napkins. The whole vibe feels very laid back, as you hear TVs playing sports in the background.

Desano pizza11Desano pizza7

Right before the kitchen is a table of condiments where you’ll find bottles of olive oil, what seemed to be balsamic and red wine vinegar, raw minced garlic, fresh parmesan and crushed red pepper flakes. I added parmesan, crushed red pepper and a small amount of minced garlic to my pizza and, OH MY GLOB. I don’t think I’ve ever had raw garlic on my pizza but it added so much flavor to each slice that I couldn’t imagine any future slice without it. The pizza also had such a deliciously crispy crust. Mmmhmmm, to die for! It also held the perfect amount of cheese, although I do wish they had added a few more basil leaves (ours only contained four).

Desano pizza4

As I mentioned earlier, DeSano has an open kitchen where customers can observe their pizza being prepped and baked from the comfort of their own seat. It’s pretty cool and really adds to the dining experience. The staff is really friendly too. As they saw me snapping photos of the place they asked if I wanted to step in the kitchen to get a few shots of their pizzas baking in the ovens. Oh course I said yes as I made my way to the kitchen with a shy grin.

Desano pizza3Desano pizza8Desano pizzaDesano pizza9

Would I go back? OF COURSE. And I definitely think you should give it a try too!


I can’t wait for you to sweep me off my feet with your great pizza and amazing customer service again, DeSano. Just hurry up and get your liquor license already! See you soon. xx

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