American Apparel Flea Market Haul

Hello everyone! Just wanted to make a quick post on an American Apparel flea market haul I made last Monday. Not sure how many of you are familiar with their flea market but it’s located in their hometown, DTLA (747 Warehouse St. Los Angeles, Ca. 90021). It’s a HUGE warehouse on the corner of 7th and Alameda, where (of course) many of their garments are made. Finding the entrance to the parking lot may be a little tricky but if you’re heading south on Alameda you’ll find it on the right hand side a few seconds after crossing 7th. Throughout the parking lot you’ll see signs for reserved parking, although everyone is parked in these spots with any sign of needing a tag nor ticket anywhere on the car. So I always assume its free parking, especially since I’ve never found a parking enforcement ticket on my dashboard (*sigh of relief*).

At the bottom left of the warehouse you’ll find it’s factory boutique. I haven’t step foot into this boutique yet (mainly because I’m hunting for the REAL deals) but it’s basically the same as any American Apparel store, fully stocked and at regular price. Although, I hear if you bring your receipt from the flea market they’ll mark down 15% off any of their merchandise. The flea market is located on the second floor, which you can find by entering the opening to the right of the factory boutique and follow the stairs up into the flea market. DSC_1028.JPG DSC_1031.JPGA few things to note before stepping into the flea market: if it’s summer (or any day over 85 degrees for that matter) BEWARE as there is no AC. Now, they do have big industrial fans scattered throughout the store but this past Monday was about 95 degrees out and all these fans were doing was blowing hot air around. Or at least it seemed like it. I’m sure they were helping to some degree but I like to be a Negative Nancy most of the time. Another thing, please do not expect to walk in here thinking you’ll buy everything insanely cheap. Although all of the items are discounted, they still may cost more than your average garment at, lets say, Forever 21. And some things may be more discounted than others. For example, two items that I have had my eyes on for quite some time were the Ponte Sleeveless Skater Dress and their T-Shirt Romper. Their skater dress retails for $68 and their discounted price at the flea market was about $52. Not that big of a deal, right? Their romper retails for $54, but is listed at a discounted price of only $20 at the flea market. So you really have to search around, check price tags and see if it’s worth it for you or not.

Another big thing to note, and probably the biggest thing you need to look out for, are the reasons WHY these items are discounted. Items land into the flea market because they are defective in one way or another. Some items have tears, defective straps or zippers, stains and I’ve even seen writing. Other items I can either barely see what’s wrong with or I can’t even find what’s wrong with it at all. So the trick is to really search for what may be wrong with it, and also see if the defect is worth the price. I only purchase items that have VERY minor defects or no noticeable defects at all. Also, sometimes the flea market is having a sale that almost no one knows about! Which was the case with my last visit. The staff is extremely friendly, and one associate was chit-chatting with me and let me know that purchases over $75 were 20% off that day, as well as tennis shoes being 2 for $25 instead of being $15 each. In addition, since discounted offers cannot be combined she advised that I made two separate purchases to get both discounts. Words couldn’t describe how excited I was (*shrieks*)! So I took my 7 items to the front counter and in total everything rang up to about $104 (including tax), as opposed to it being $244 (not including tax) at their original retail store (I researched each item and calculated the amount). Below I made a collage of all the items I bought, in the colors I purchased them, so you can visually see them: (from left to right, top to bottom) cotton spandex jersey crop tee, chambray henley crop top, cotton spandex jersey camisole, two pairs of unisex tennis shoes, denim circle skirt and their striped t-shirt romper.

So bottom line, I think everyone should experience this flea market at least once in their life and I hope this post convinced you to get up and go soon. It can really be worth it.

What are some of your favorite American Apparel pieces? Do you have any shopping or flea market tips? Share in the comments below!

Happy shopping! xx American Apparel Flea Market Haul


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