Rose Hip Oil: How to Get the Best Out of Your Natural Lashes

So my eyelashes have never been anything more than mediocre; not too thick, not too long. But a blogger I follow from Australia wrote a post on rose hip oil for skin, eyebrows and eyelashes a few months back ( Rose hip oil can help repair sun damage, reduce wrinkles and replenish dry skin. You can find in many health stores but I bought mine on iHerb for $5.34 ( My face has combination skin (dry and oily), although it is more oily than it is dry. I tried using this oil as an overall makeup remover but it actually makes my skin more oily in the morning, even after I’ve washed my face. So what I began doing instead is using it as an eye makeup remover. The vitamin A in rose hip seed oil promotes hair growth, while replenishing the already existing strands of hair, making them fuller, stronger and healthier.

Rose hip oilrose hip oil2

Excuse my worn out bottle! Can you tell I use it very often? So here is my daily regimen: I dab 2-5 drops of oil (depending on how much eye makeup I am wearing) to a cotton ball and simply wipe away all my troubles. It’s very gently so it doesn’t irritate the eyes. At night I also like to apply about 1-2 dabs onto my eyebrows for thickness and growth (although this also tends to make my face a little oily in the mornings so I limit my use).

rose hip oil3rose hip oil4I’ve been using rose hip seed oil for about two months now and have definitely noticed some increase in length. Also, since using this oil I’ve been using less makeup product (mascara) and have noticed that my eyelashes are healthier and stronger. They definitely don’t fall out as much as they used to. 

rose hip oil5When curling my eyelashes I curl them by three portions. I begin at the very tips, pressing the eyelash curler a few times, then moving onto the middle of the lashes. I once again press the curler shut a few times, then move onto the very base of my lashes. I press the curler a couple more times, then run my fingers through my eyelashes a bit, just to make sure they aren’t bunched together. Now they’re ready for some mascara!rose hip oil6Now, I don’t think I’ve ever been WOWed by a specific mascara, and I’m not willing to spend a good amount of money in search for one (especially if we’re going into higher end brands). But this one has always treated me right. I believe I bought it once in high school, changed brand, bought it again, changed brand, bought it shortly after high school, changed brand, changed brand, changed brand, just to buy it again last month. I like it because it’s one of the few mascaras I’ve used that doesn’t clump as easily. The wand is very structural and allows for easy application without clumping my lashes together. I wish it would make my lashes thicker, but if you have any suggestions on mascaras you love feel free to leave a comment below, PLEASE! Like many of us gals, I’m still searching for “the one”.

rose hip oil8Not that there’s any real trick to applying mascara, but one thing you must enforce is using just enough product. It’s easy to get carried away when you really want to see your lashes get thicker and longer with each coat, but this will only weigh down your lashes, and all of your curling will be in vain (huge womp). Just fan your lashes inward and outward with a few coats. And don’t forget to show your lower lashes some love!

rose hip oil9Lastly, curl your lashes one last time, BUT ONLY ONCE THEY’VE FULLY DRIED (give them about 5 minutes, just to be safe). If they’re not entirely dry they’ll only get stuck together and ruin your day. So please, don’t do that to yourself and have some patience. I curl them this one last time at the base of the lashes, run my fingers through them to make sure they aren’t stuck together and voila.

rose hip oil11My lashes look naturally longer, fuller and healthier.rose hip oil13Have any tips or suggestions for products? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

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