Old Town Pasadena Hangs

I had to work most of Labor Day weekend (waaah) but I did have that Friday off. I refused to stay in or have dinner at one of our usual local spots so I dragged my boyfriend out of the house and onto the streets of Old Town Pasadena. We used to have frequent dates in Old Town because it’s a great kick-it spot. We would have dinner, grab drinks, walk around and shop, or even sell our clothes at the consignment shop Crossroads Trading. We’ve also gone with friends, as there are tons of bars, breweries and wineries to choose from for a great night of debauchery!
Dog Haus2I really wanted to have a second go at Dog Haus. Dog Haus has two locations in Pasadena and the first time I went I accidentally went to the location on Hill Ave that DOESN’T sell alcohol (can you spot the obvious issue?). The location in Old Town has more room and sells alcohol in the form of beer and cocktails (I don’t remember seeing any wine). Although the location is bigger, the “good seats” are very limited. The inside of the restaurant has plenty of seating but it gets a little stuffy, doesn’t seem as if there is good ventilation. The benched seating outside seems so much better but it’s usually already crowded with lingering customers wolfing down their dogs, washing it down with beer and cackling with their friends. We had no luck and had to sit inside (womp).

Dog Haus3We came during happy hour and they had some pretty good deals. We had $4 beers, mine being a Franziskaner Hefeweizen, and $1 fries (I would’ve been in heaven with $4 beers and $1 fries alone to be honest, because I love beer, I love fries and I love a good happy hour deal!). They also have great hot sauce available, as if they knew I love using hot sauce in place of ketchup for my fries. Double points for DH! 
Dog HausMy boyfriend ordered the Downtown Dog, which is basically an LA street dog: a bacon-wrapped dog, sauteed bell peppers, caramlized onions, mayo, ketchup, mustard, all on a hearty hawaiian roll bun. Oh yeah, did I mention their hawaiian roll buns!? Ugh, HEAVEN ON EARTH. This is probably my favorite part about Dog Haus. The sweetness of the bun gives it the extra flavor you didn’t know a hotdog could possible possess. Dog Haus4

I chose the Soooo Cali veggie dog. All hotdogs are normally made with all beef dogs but any hotdog and burger can be made with a veggie dog or patty! Perfect for all of us plant-based eaters. The Soooo Cali veggie dog consists of a veggie dog, arugula, spicy basil aioli, crispy onions, avocado and tomatoes. I loved the freshness of the concoction and it wasn’t as heavy as I though it would be. You also get the various pleasing textures of the hotdog, the crispy onions, the creamy avocado, the soft tomatoes. Soooo good! I definitely recommend it.


Next we headed off to Congregation Ale House. It was pretty crowded but we managed to sneak into two empty seats at the bar. I had a coconut porter that was truly decadent and delicious. I normally would’ve liked to have ordered a different beer as my second order but this coconut porter was so smooth and satisfying that I had to order a second. This ale house has a great selection of beers on tap: tons of IPAs, porters, seasonals, ciders, you name it. It’s also a restaurant! Although we had already eaten at Dog Haus, the menu and customer’s orders looked really appetizing. I’d love to return for lunch or dinner. They even have a brunch with mimosas and Bloody Mary’s on Sunday mornings. This place truly does cater to different taste palettes.




Both Dog Haus and Congregation Ale House have other locations so invite a pal or two and head out to the one nearest you!

Cheers babes, and until next time.



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