Restaurant Review: Yojie Japanese Fondue in Downtown Los Angeles

Cozy, healthy, delicious and fun. I love interactive dining! It just adds to your dining experience. You’re no longer just going out to eat but you’re going out to mingle and try new things. This little restaurant has been a LA staple of mine for about 2 years now, and it never disappoints. Yojie is nestled under an apartment complex on the corner of Grand and Olympic. They serve Japanese fondue in the forms of Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki. You may be wondering what the heck Japanese fondue is, right? It’s simply dipping raw meats, veggies and noodles in a hot-pot filled with broth until they’ve reached their desired wellness, then dipped into a flavorful ponzu or goma sauce and eaten with your rice. Shabu Shabu has a kombu seaweed broth. Sukiyaki has a soy sauce, sugar and mirin broth that also comes with an egg on the side for dipping meats and veggies either before or after they’re cooked in the broth. I’ve tried both but I prefer the Shabu Shabu. Sukiyaki’s broth is much sweeter and I would imagine it pairing well with meats. Being vegetarian I order the Veggie Medley plate so I stick to Shabu Shabu. Although, I’ve noticed they’ve added a new spicy miso broth that I’d love to try next time!

yojie10 copyyojie9 copy

Yojie also has GREAT happy hour specials! I met up with a friend for dinner and drinks at Yojie’s last week and I had the Veggie Medley, 3 Sapporo’s and mango mochi for about less than $30. And they really do not hold back on the veggies for their dinner portions so I was able to get stuffed before even finishing 3/4ths of my plate. Rice is refillable and there are tons of condiments available to you for your sauces. yojie7 copy

Yojie2 copy yojie8 copyyojie13 copyYojie also likes to support local talent but displaying the work of several local artists throughout the restaurant. Last week one of the artists was actually painting one of his pieces in person as we ate. They’ve also introduced acoustic nights at this location Monday-Wednesdays from 6-10pm! So our recent visit was VERY entertaining and I look forward to coming back soon.


yojie11 copyyojie5 copyyojie4 copy

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