Travel Diary: Nevada

My brother and I took this past weekend off to visit our family in Carson City and Reno, Nevada. Gawd, I just wanted to stay there forever because the weather actually fits its season. Unlike Southern Cali, where it always seems to be the midst of summer. It was really comforting changing up the scenery from vast deserts to the deep greens of Nevada forests.  Saturday we headed out to Lake Tahoe to ride on the gondolas that take you to the very top of the mountain to a resort, but they were closed for the next few weeks! Bummer. So instead we walked around and settled into a cozy, laid-back pizza parlor called Base Camp Pizza. Pizza is pretty good, the vibes are great and the beer selection is pretty respectable. I had the 21st Amendment Blah Blah Blah: AMAZING. It’s a very delicious, amber-colored IPA coming in at 7.8%. Great color, great body, sure to get you feeling good by your 2nd glass. The parlor has TVs playing sports, fireplaces out on the dining patio and even offer a game of some sort (you have to score your sack into your opponent’s goal?). If you’re ever in Tahoe, give the place some love.Nevada5 copyNevada6 copy

Nevada7 copy Nevada3 copyNevada2 copyNevada copyAs we headed out on Sunday we stopped by a small coffee shop called Dutch Bros. Coffee in Carson City. My brother living in Nevada said the locals prefer it over Starbucks. My brother and I both ordered the Cocomo, which is a coffee blend of chocolate and coconut with a few shots of espresso. Sooooo goooood! Definitely stopping by on our next visit.Nevada10 copy Nevada9 copy Nevada8 copy

Until next time, Nevada.


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