6 Lags (Me)

Quick apology for being MIA! With the holidays arriving so soon and attempting to catch up on eBay sales, I’ve been so busy lately. u_u I’ve been using Depop as my selling platform, and although it’s a great concept, it’s just not popular enough in the US yet to make quick sales. Plus, I feel that most consumers are very young and looking to ridiculously low-ball you. So I finally revisited my old eBay account and have sold just as much in 5 days on eBay that I have sold in half a year on Depop. Sooooo, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be transitioning over to eBay from now on. πŸ˜‰ I’ll update you all with my username as soon as I’ve posted a couple more items so you can glance at my items (Ps. I have a few AA and Urban Outfitters items, and even a pair of Jeffrey Campbells)! ^-^
Right now I am writing to you from the X2 line at 6 Flags! Just wanted to provide you with a quick shot of my super casual outfit that I feel really cute in. πŸ™†



Forest green backpack sack – idr? // The Smiths band tee – Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena // Green flannel – JCP // Vintage denim bomber jacket – Amazon // Men’s gray infinity scarf – stole from my daddy // Navy blue and white pinstriped turban-style headwrap – Depop // Black high-waisted skinny BDG jeans – Urban Outfitters // Red tennis shoes – American Apparel

I’ll be flying to San Fran this Wednesday with my boyfriend for our anniversary so I’ll definitely be posting tons of photos from our adventure soon!


Where to find me ❀

Email: stephaniealvarado921@gmail.com

Instagram:Β @stephanieandmarie

Pinterest: @stphaniemrie

Twitter: @stphaniemrie


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