Travel Diary: San Francisco, Day 1

Hello from San Fran! πŸ‘‹




Flying, instead of what could’ve been approx. an 8 hour drive, WAS SUCH A RELIEF! Our flight was only about 40 minutes, we picked up our rental and were checked into our hotel stress-free and rested. We’re staying at the San Remo hotel in the Fisherman’s Wharf, very cozy and very vintage. Yesterday we didn’t do much other than have dinner and drinks at Tamashisoul Sushi Bar in Marina/Cow Hollow and get wastey-pants at The Boardroom. πŸ˜‰
We went to Tamashisoul by accident; originally our plan was to go to Sushi Wrap, which is the same location under a different name during lunch time, because I had a LivingSocial voucher but sadly lunch had already ended and the restaurant just reopened for dinner. We hadn’t eaten for at least 5 hours so we decided to stay. The food was amazing, and we even received a complimentary bowl of garlic edamame! We also ordered a seaweed salad, the boyfriend ordered the Red Hot Chili Pepper (soooo gooood!), I honestly forgot the name of my roll but it was one of their signature rolls and was served wrapped in a flaming package of foil (fancy schmancy), an order of mango mochi and a few Asahis. The ambiance is very nice, food was great, prices were reasonable. Definitely recommending!






I’ll definitely be posting more from The Bay in the next few days!


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