Just a Taste

Hello lovelies!

Remember I brought up eBay and vintage curating a few posts back? Let me attempt to briefly explain (I talk too much)… In attempt to downsize my closet, I’ve cleaned it out of all the garments I never or rarely wear anymore. Let me start by admitting I have a problem.

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m a shop-aholic.

I’ll become so infatuated with an article of clothing one day but wake up the next morning totally forgetting it’s still in my room, like a drunken one-night-stand. Only the clothes never see their way out my room and I keep shopping and my pile of “clothes I never wear” continue to pile up. I finally decided to take a big bag of these clothes to Goodwill and leave another big bag to sell on Depop (and later eBay) and see where it took me. Depop is just too small of a platform right now to sell things quickly, so eBay has become my knight in shining armor. In the past month I’ve sold about 25 items and still have more to post. Sooo, I’d say this whole eBay thing is going pretty well! So well in fact that I decided to do some vintage curating on the site by throwing myself into some pretty intense bidding wars (trust me, I get pretty into it and curse like a sailor when I lose by 50 cents *rolling my eyes so hard rn*). I just received my first shipment of items I won and a cousin of mine helped photograph me in them. I’m very eager to post them soon to see how well they do, but I’m also thinking about posting the designer vintage pieces on a different platform like Etsy, hoping they sell quicker.

Below is just a small taste of one of the items I’m selling, my American Apparel white, purple and yellow striped play suit (not a vintage piece of course, but rather one of my personal items). As soon as I post all of my items I’ll provide you with a link to check them out (and possibly purchase). You can also check a few other sneak peeks on my other social networks like Instagram and Twitter (links down below).

Ps. These photos totally look like they were taken in the summer, and the weather was warm enough to sunbathe at the beach yet it’s still “winter”. Oh, SoCal.


hasta luego

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Where to find me

Email: stephaniealvarado921@gmail.com

Instagram: @stephanieandmarie

Pinterest: @stphaniemrie

Twitter: @stphaniemrie


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